Affordable Housing

CatholicCare provides a holistic approach to affordable housing.



Affordable Housing

CatholicCare provides a holistic approach to affordable housing.




CatholicCare Affordable Housing

CatholicCare Affordable Housing considers it a basic human right to have safe, stable, secure and affordable accommodation. However, this is increasingly becoming out of reach for Tasmanians on low-incomes. A fundamental driver for CatholicCare Affordable Housing is to help facilitate affordable housing for those in the Tasmanian community.

Tenants are our foremost priority. CatholicCare provides a holistic approach to affordable housing.

This means that as well as providing a person with a home, CatholicCare can provide access to a range of services to improve a tenants well being, to connect people with the community around them, and to increase a person’s opportunities in life. All reasonable measures will be taken over the life of the dwellings to minimise rental and related costs to optimise housing affordability.

Our 401 properties are located in the following areas:


  • Richmond
  • New Norfolk
  • Kingston Beach
  • Kingston
  • Risdon Vale
  • Lindisfarne


  • Westbury
  • Evandale
  • St Leonards
  • Ravenswood
  • Riverside
  • Burnie
  • Wynyard
  • Devonport
  • Ulverstone

Our tenants are sourced from the low to medium income bracket, CatholicCare calculates it rent at 28% of tenants income, it is designed to help people who are at a disadvantage in the housing market, and who often are unable to secure housing on their own. CatholicCare has numerous support services that tenants can link into if they require.


We encourage tenant groups at all of our sites, this provides open dialogue between CatholicCare and tenants. Community gardens are becoming a focus for tenants at some of our sites and enables tenants to grow their own vegetables, helping with cost saving.

Contact CatholicCare Affordable Housing

Phone: (03) 6173 0060

Shop 2, 28 Green Point Road

Other Ways We Can Help You

  • We can link you to the best services you need
  • Help you learn to manage your budget
  • Advocate for you with Housing Tasmania
  • Support you to complete forms, use transportation even conduct home visits if needed

Looking for affordable accommodation in the Bridgewater area?

Head over to the Centacare Evolve website.


Tenancy Support

CHATS - CatholicCare Homelessness And Tenancy Support

Tenancy Support

CHATS - CatholicCare Homelessness And Tenancy Support

Tenancy Support

Tenancy Support is provided to individuals and families in private rental, social or public housing. 

Support is focussed on averting a housing crisis by developing tenancy skills and negotiating positive housing outcomes with landlords in the areas of rental arrears, maintenance or condition of property.  The key objective is to prevent eviction and stabilise the tenancy.

How do you access Tenancy Support?

Access to CatholicCare Support is through Housing Connect, a one stop shop for ALL housing and support needs.
Housing Connect can support:

  • Applying for social housing
  • Support and advice with your private rental including bond and rent arrears
  • Support and advice on how to stay in your home
  • Seeking assistance following family violence
  • Information and advice on you housing options
I was behind with my rent, so the landlord was threatening to evict me. My Tenancy Support worker worked out a budget, and contacted the landlord on my behalf. A repayment plan was negotiated, and my rent is now up to date.
I am a single parent with 4 children. When I lost my job I could not afford to pay rent, and provide for my family. My Tenancy Support worker supported me by providing food donations during this time of transition, and to free up money to pay rent arrears

National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service 24hr Telephone Counselling  1800 737 732
Drug Education Network ph: 1300 369 319 or  (03) 6211 2350
Beyond Blue Ph: 1300 22 4636 


Homeless Support

CHATS - CatholicCare Homelessness And Tenancy Support.

       Each night 10,000 Australians are homeless.

Homeless Support

CHATS - CatholicCare Homelessness And Tenancy Support.

       Each night 10,000 Australians are homeless.

Homeless Support

Free call 1800 800 588 
24 hours

CatholicCare Tasmania advocates for the needs of our community, we are a key organisation supporting Tasmanians who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We ensure that our programs remain current by regularly reviewing  the needs and issues experienced by our clients. This allows us to advocate and give voice to the vulnerable in our community.

We are active in working towards ending homelessness and speak out against inequality through a range of forums.

CatholicCare programs for those who are experiencing, at risk of homelessness or in housing stress continue to be in high demand. this is a reflection of the difficult time many within our community are facing.

Homelessness Support – Providing support to individuals and families who are experiencing or at imminent risk of homelessness.  The key objective is to promote independence, link client(s) to mainstream supports, and prevent return to housing crisis.

My son and I were homeless for about a year after being evicted from our home because I was behind in my rent. We were either couch surfing or living in a caravan I could not afford. I also had an Aurora bill I could not pay for. My case manager helped us find a nice home I can afford, and a repayment plan was arranged so the power could be reconnected.

How to access Homelessness Support?

Access to CatholicCare Support is through Housing Connect, a one stop shop for ALL housing and support needs.

Housing Connect provides one assessment for everything from emergency accommodation to a longer term home.

My children and I were escaping Family Violence. Centacare (now CatholicCare) put us up in a house, and offered counselling for us all. The worker supported me to get a copy of the Police Family Violence Order, and explained it to me. I was given a lot of information on Domestic Violence, and our worker supported us for 3 months before we were moved into our new home.

Housing Connect can help you:

  • Applying for social housing
  • Support and advice with your private rental including bond and rent arrears
  • Finding a bed for the night
  • Support and advice on how to stay in your home
  • Seeking assistance following family violence
  • Information and advice on your housing options

Housing Connect Offices in Tasmania


Hobart 181 Collins Street

Rosny  Suites 3&4, 13 Bayfield Street

Launceston 118 Elizabeth Street

Devonport 31 King Street

Burnie 6 Strahan Street

Queenstown West Coast Crisis Service, 11 Sticht Street

Smithton Wyndarra Centre, 43 Smith Street

Other services in Tasmania:


Home & Housed

Older Persons Housing Support

Home & Housed

Older Persons Housing Support

Home & Housed - Older Persons Housing support

Home and Housed Program is available for older persons who are homeless or may be at risk of becoming homeless as a result of experiencing housing stress, not having secure accommodation or are low income. 

The aim is to help eligible clients, to remain in the community through accessing appropriate, sustainable and affordable housing and linking where appropriate, to community care.

This service is available in the North-West and North of Tasmania at no cost to persons aged 65 or over or those who are prematurely aged due to disability, substance abuse, military service, or homelessness.  Also eligible are those who were in institutional care or other form of out-of-home care as a child or youth (or both) sometime during the 20th Century. We also assist Forgotten Soldiers, former child migrants and people from the Stolen Generation.

We support people with their problems and challenges around staying in their home or finding a new home.

Our support includes:

  • dealing with issues relating to housing and accommodation
  • looking for private rental
  • applications for public and community housing
  • helping you make appointments
  • advocacy
  • accessing appropriate community care services
  • referrals to other agencies
  • outreach
  • information and budgeting
  • crisis information and referral

AK Young Women's Emergency Accommodation Service

AK Young Women's Emergency Accommodation Service


Call 62 72 77 51 or 0418 134 221 
at any time of the day or night.

AK Young Women's Emergency Accommodation

AK is a 24 hour 7 days a week emergency, crisis accommodation service for young women between the ages of 13 and 20.

The service offers young women who may be experiencing family violence, homelessness, or are at risk of becoming homeless, with safe and secure, affordable accommodation.

You do not have to be on an income nor do you need a referral to access accommodation at AK.

How we can help

At AK we focus on engaging the young women with appropriate support to address their identified needs, prior to developing a direction for their transitional outcome.

We aim to support the reconnection with immediate family, build relationships with extended family members or where appropriate, we support transitioning into long term- sustainable Independent living arrangements.

This long term outcome is supported through our intensive Living Skills Development Program.

supporting you

The most important role of AK workers is to do everything possible to make AK a safe space and to work with young women to increase skills that lead to improved outcomes, decreasing the risk of ongoing homelessness.

We are able to provide support, information and referrals for many different needs such as:



Living Skills Development

Time Management Skills


Health Support

Drug and Alcohol Support                  

Legal +Safety                                                                                     

Employment + Education

Important contacts
in an emergency:

Emergency After Hours Accommodation -
Housing Connect 1800 800 588

Police for urgent assistance - 000

Lifeline - 131 114


At AK we like to engage everyone in fun activities.

Activities can include: Self Care nights (nail painting, foot spas, make up application). Art Nights – We regularly have an artist come to the shelter and assist young women with producing some really great work. Desert making – AK are fortunate enough to have volunteers come and assist the young women with making some really delicious deserts !!! Yoga – classes run by a professional Yoga Instructor COMET – University Law Students come along and chat with residents about the Law and your Legal Rights Games Nights – Includes board games, card games and Wii games.


AK provide short term transitional Accommodation (up to 6 weeks) within their newly built Units on the premises of AK Young Women’s Emergency Accommodation Service.

Whilst it is expected that the young women residing in the AK Units maintain independence, AK Staff are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support as needed.

Young Women who access the AK Units must meet and agree to the following responsibilities:

  • Be confident in managing own needs independently
  • Be on an Income
  • Make Fortnightly Rental payments through CPAY
  • Be working towards or participating in Study, Employment or Training.
  • Maintain all relevant Housing Support Appointments
  • Continue seeking Transitional/ Long Term Accommodation
  • Follow the Rules and Responsibilities of AK Units

Other support agencies:

+ Housing Connect, Hobart

1800 800 588

A central access point for all housing and housing-related support services for Tasmanian people on low incomes and for those in crisis. Housing Connect can assist in the following areas:
Social housing. Emergency housing
Private rental advice including bond and rent arrears
Assistance following family violence
Information and advice on housing options.

+ Mara House, Colony 47

(03) 6231 2782

Twenty-four-hour supported accommodation for girls and young women 13 to 18 years old who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, including those who are victims of domestic violence. Assistance to reconnect with family, education and the community and to return home or move into appropriate long-term accommodation is provided. Practical training in budgeting, cooking, cleaning and communication skills is also available.

+ Karinya Young Women's Service

6331 0774 * or *0407 557 410

Karinya provides short term crisis accommodation to young women aged 13 to 20 years; there is a worker on duty 24/7, and 365 days of the year.

+ Jireh House Association Inc.

24 hour Crisis Line 6232 3850
Administration (office hours) 6232 3800

Jireh House is a 24hr crisis accommodation and support service for women and women and children who have become homeless due to domestic violence and other life crises.

+ Hobart Women's Shelter

Phone: (03) 6273 8455

24 hour service that provides safe accommodation for women & children who are homeless or escaping domestic violence. Information, referrals and external accommodation is offered.

+ McCombe House - Salvation Army

Phone: 1800 005 576 (24 Hours)

McCombe House provides supported emergency accommodation for single women and women with children escaping domestic violence and homelessness. McCombe House is a 6 – 8 week safe and secure crisis accommodation for women and children from all cultures and backgrounds.

+ DHHS Child Protection Services

Phone: *1300 737 639 * (anytime for urgent notifications)

To make an urgent notification about abuse or neglect to Child Protection Services, please call 1300 737 639 at any time. Non-urgent notifications should be made between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

How can you support AK Young Women's Emergency Accommodation Service?

volunteering your time + skills

AK Young Women's Emergency Accommodation Service places a large emphasis on life skill development and therapeutic activities for all young women residing at our service. Such practices aim to assist young women with increasing knowledge, skills and experience whilst also developing personal growth and a sense of empowerment.
If you have experience in any of the following areas and are interested in volunteering your services we would love to hear from you. Please call Rebecca or Phoebe on 6272 77 51 or ak@aohtas.org.au, or complete the application form (button below).

  • A background in working or volunteering with community groups, at-risk youth or homelessness.
  • Skills in cooking / baking
  • Skills in personal care and personal hygiene education
  • Art & craft activities
  • Health and fitness
  • Budgeting
  • Drug and alcohol facilitation – experience and qualifications required
  • Knowledge on how to gain employment for individuals entering the work force
A little something goes a long way.

Donating goods and services

AK young women's emergency accommodation service is a non-government organisation and we rely heavily on funding and donations from community services, schools, local businesses and the public to provide our clients with the necessary items for day to day living.
Such items include:

  • Clothing - the most necessary items being underwear, socks, PJ's and shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Household items for residents moving on to independent accommodation
  • Money for medical costs
  • Money for bus tickets to assist young women to get to and from School and appointments.
  • Activity supplies such as art and craft supplies, books, games
  • Educational materials

Christmas and Easter and other special holidays.

During these periods AK staff work had to acquire funds and goods to provide all young residents with gifts and treats to make the day as special as we can. If you are interested making a donation to AK there are a number of options for you or your business to contribute.

To learn more about the donation packages available please call Rebecca or Phoebe on 6272 77 51 or email ak@ahotas.org.au.


Centacare Evolve Housing

Affordable Housing in the Bridgewater area.

Centacare Evolve

Centacare Evolve Housing

Affordable Housing in the Bridgewater area.

Centacare Evolve

Centacare Evolve Housing

Centacare Evolve Housing is a housing provider chosen by the Tasmanian State Government to manage all Housing Tasmania properties in the Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsman’s Cove communities.