Are you affected by family violence?

Women and children are primarily the victims of family violence, and the safety of you and your children is of paramount importance to us.   Family violence includes physical abuse (pushing, hitting, slapping, smashing things), verbal abuse (put downs, name calling, shouting, threatening) and using power in unfair ways. Some of the effects of family violence can include fear, anger and shame as well as physical injury.

If you are experiencing the impact of any of these behaviours, please contact us.

CatholicCare Tasmania provides specialised family violence counselling and support programs for any affected family member.

Services include individual counselling and group programs.

Group programs include:

CatholicCare Kid's Club - CKC

PARKAS  (Parents Accepting Resonsibility Kids are Safe)

South only.

A program for children who have experienced family violence. It is an intensive group program that consists of two parts; an after school session for the children followed by a session for the non abusive parent the next day. In the group the children have the opportunity to talk about and process their experiences and are helped to find ways to deal with the accompanying emotions.

This is done with a variety of activities and games as well as group discussions, and includes a lot of fun times. It is also beneficial for the children to realise that other children have experienced similar difficulties.

The parents do the same activities as the children and information is shared between groups to allow the parents to more fully understand the experience from their child’s perspective. All too often children have heard of, and are aware of, more of the family violence than their parents realise, and this provides the child with the opportunity to share this with their parent. It is  essential for the parents to be committed to their sessions, not just those for the children.

This group is run for different age groups at different times, and when no group is available individual counselling can be offered, and names can be put on a waiting list.

Choosing A More Enlightened Option - CAMEO

The CAMEO (Choosing A More Enlightened Option) group is an eight week program for women who have experienced family violence. The program  provides information and develops awareness of the short and long-term effects that living with an abusive partner can have on the women themselves and on their children. Each session covers a different topic including safety, parenting, stress, guilt and grief. The aim of the program is to provide a safe and supportive environment so that women can explore their past and current situations and make more informed decisions about their future.

Challenging Abusive Behaviours - CAB

This program is offered in HobartLaunceston and the North West. 

Challenging Abusive Behaviour (CAB), a voluntary program,  provides an initial 1.5 hour assessment, 4 week orientation and a 16 week group educational program for men who have been angry, aggressive or abusive towards their partners and / or children and have acted in ways that have frightened and or hurt their partners and children. CAB is for men who want to take responsibility for their behaviour and to learn more positive, safe and respectful ways of relating in their families.

I am more patient and listen to my wife and kids more and work together with them on what they need.”
”I have much more control over my life.”
”I am more understanding and accepting of other peoples thoughts and attitudes.
— Comments from men who have completed the program

The program attracts a wide range of men from different socio-economic backgrounds and aims to provide a safe learning environment where the men can challenge each others and their own behaviours, thoughts and assumptions.

Referrals to this program may be received from courts, solicitors, doctors and other professionals. However the majority are self referrals who have been recommended to the program by men who have previously graduated.