CatholicCare Tasmania has been selected by the State Government to establish and coordinate additional multicultural support services to people who arrive in the state. 

The Safe Havens Hub (SHH) will deliver pathways for better education and employment opportunities for people who have been granted a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) or a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV), humanitarian entrants, and recently arrived migrants.

The Premier, Will Hodgman and Speaker of the House of Assembly, Elise Archer joined Archbishop Julian and CatholicCare Manager of Multicultural Service Programmes (MSP), James Norman, to announce the 1.2 million dollar programme delivered over four years, at the Archdiocese of Hobart today.

“It’s a really important step forward to ensure Tasmania is well prepared to accept not only the arrivals of Safe Haven Enterprise Visa holders but also an intake of refugees from Syria, as well as provide support for those existing migrants in our community who often need a place to make contact and to find ways to be safely accommodated in our community,” the Premier said.

The programme will provide service referrals for accommodation, Centrelink, Medicare, legal and migration services and trauma counselling to new SHEV and TPV holders, as well as employment pathway support and pre-employment training and initiatives for all eligible clients.

“CatholicCare has been providing services to former refugees for more than ten years. In the last financial year we saw about two-hundred and fifty new humanitarian entrants arrive in Hobart and we are expecting that new SHEV and TPV holders will also want to move to Tasmania.” CatholicCare MSP Manager, James Norman said.

“This additional state-wide programme will help us provide further support to people who want to come and live and work in Tasmania.”

The announcement comes as the Australian Government continues to process refugees from Syria and Iraq.

“The latest advice we have received (from the Federal Government) is that we should now begin to see an increased number of arrivals in Australia of Syrian and Iraqi refugees,” the Premier said.

“I am keen to attract SHEV holders to Tasmania to live and work, and that will be a key role of the Hub.”

The implementation phase for the Safe Haven Hub will begin today, and will employ an additional two FTE positions across the state.