Q:           The introduction of Integrum – what does it mean for me?

A:            Observed a Hazard at work? Been involved in an incident or witnessed one? Near Miss? Injured yourself at work?  First there was RMSS, then a form through Domus. Integrum replaces these methods. Click on the Integrum tile on Domus and follow the process from there.


Q:           Where do I find / how do I get my login details?

A:            You do not need special login details for Integrum. Integrum uses Single Sign On, which means it uses the username and password you use to log in to your computer to identify you. This also works when using a generic login, you’ll just have to identify yourself when completing the form. Just click on the Integrum tile on Domus and you’re in!


Q:           Will there be training sessions so I know what to do / how it works?

A:            No special training required!  Phew! For one, the system is pretty user friendly. And secondly, instruction manuals and video tutorials are there to help:

·         All employees on how to lodge an Incident or Hazard report.

·         Line Managers on how to action Incident Reports when they are lodged. (Hazard reports go directly to HR for                     screening & actioning)


Q:           Where can I find the training information?

A:            You will be able to access it when you need it, where you need it. Tutorial and instructions are available when you get into the system:

But why not have a look now so you know what to expect later? Just click on the links below.

Incident Reporting for Employees
Incident Reporting for Managers              
Hazard Reporting for Employees

Q:           Can I access it from home or on the road?

A:            Yes you can. You can use the following link from anywhere.


You’ll need to enter your login details though:

Username: aohtas\usual username to logon to your computer.
Password: usual password to logon to your computer

Q:           What happens after I’ve submitted an Incident Report or Hazard Report?

A:            You will receive an email confirmation that your report has been submitted. When you lodge an Incident Report your line manager will be notified. She or he will then investigate to ensure that we understand what caused the incident to occur and take action to prevent its recurrence. Actions may be assigned during the investigation to fix any hazards or remedy any other issues.

The Hazard reporting process is managed by HR who will receive the initial notification and complete a risk assessment. From there on they can also trigger actions to eliminate the Hazard where possible or take the required actions to mitigate the risks. Sometimes this may mean that a hazard is assigned to the manager of the area.

Q:           I’m not a computer wizz, can I keep using the old form?

A:            No, all Incident and Hazard Reports need to be completed using Integrum. The old forms will no longer be accepted. If you feel you may need additional support in becoming comfortable with the new system, please contact HR and we can look at providing additional training.