1. I/we have received the Parent/Guardian Enrolment Guidelines and agree to abide by the procedures as they relate to my/our child’s placement in a CatholicCare Children’s Services.

  2. I/we agree to comply with all Government requirements in relation to enrolling my child into the service.

  3. I/we agree to fortnightly DebitSuccess (direct debit) deductions for payment of my account. I/we understand that my childcare placement may cease if payment is dishonoured and not paid within 7 days.

  4. I/we agree that if the account is not paid by the due date, and following contact by CatholicCare Children’s Services staff, the account will be lodged with a debt collection agent for recovery, and in such circumstances I/we will bear an account surcharge of 25% to cover the agent’s commissions. In addition, I/we agree to bear all legal costs and disbursements incurred in the recovery of the debt.

  5. If a child/ren is booked in to start at a service on a particular date, and does not start on that day, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid until the child/ren physically attends a session of care.

  6. I/we am aware that if I/we have confirmed our child/ren’s last day at the service, but that child/ren does not attend their last booked session of care, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid for any days after the child’s last physical attendance at the service.

  7. I/we am aware that it is my/our responsibility to maintain a current Income Assessment for Child Care Subsidy purposes.

  8. I/we understand that I/we must give seven (7) days’ notice in writing of a permanent cancellation of care.

  9. I/we understand that the fee charged, with Child Care Subsidy, is based on the information provided by me to the Department of Human Services. CatholicCare Children’s Services accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information supplied for the purpose of calculating the Subsidy. Any issues regarding Child Care Subsidy should be directed to the Department of Human Services Family Assistance Line: 13 6150 (8am – 8pm).

  10. I/we understand that all Outside School Hours Care fees must be up-to-date before any vacation care bookings will be accepted.

  11. I/we understand that there will be no reduction of fees if I/we provide food for my/our child.

  12. I/we understand and accept the fee charges for CatholicCare Children’s Services. An administration fee of $15 is charged for all new enrolments.

  13. I/we understand that a LATE FEE of $20.00 for every ten (10) minutes or part thereof will be charged for late collection of children (after closing time).

  14. I/we understand an additional fee of $10.00 per booking/child is charged if Administration is not notified that a child is absent from care and full fees apply.

  15. I/we understand that, in the event of illness, parents or authorised persons are required to collect their child(ren) from the Service immediately upon request.

  16. I/we understand that the decision of the staff as to the fitness of a child to attend the Service on a given day shall be binding.

  17. I/we agree to release CatholicCare Children’s Services from any liability to my child or myself in relation to any injury or illness that my child may suffer, and for loss or damage to property. I/we will pay all medical expenses incurred on behalf of my child.

  18. I/we understand that CatholicCare Children’s Services reserves the right to terminate this Contract when, in its discretion, it considers that to do so would be in the interest of the Service. CatholicCare Children’s Services agrees to give the parent reasonable notice of its intention to exercise this right and will refund any payments in credit.